All Please complete the form below to request return. Please ensure you add the following information to the below:

Reason for return, Description of item and original order number so we can track the item and order. Please note that all returns need to be made by the purchaser unless otherwise agreed in advance. Also please note all Sportful items returned other than those under warranty, need to be returned in the original packaging (bag) and have all original labels attached. Our protocols do not allow us to accept returns in any other way.

Should Sportful SA need to facilitate the return via our courier and in some cases the re-issue of another item to you, each Return is charged at R120.00 for items to be refunded. (IE: Return of one item and re-issue of another back to you = R220)

Please note that all SPECIAL ORDERS placed with Sportful SA for specific product from Italy are NON-RETURNABLE. All returns and swops need to be made within 30 days of purchase.